Parking space at the base of the ski slope from Straja resort

For those who cannot wait to reach the ski slope in Straja resort, the access is now easier. Two parking systems area currently available in the resort and help the tourists, but also the local population, the guesthouse owners in the area.

Straja is a resort from Hunedoara with high tourist potential and 7 ski slopes designed for the winter season, where various winter sports are practiced. Each of them is fitted with cable transport installation (ski drag).

The two parking systems are mounted in different areas of the resort, having different user classes. The first one is located in the recreational area, in Lupeni (at the base of the ski slope), near the gondola lift.

It benefits from an entry and an exit, with operator payment, a barrier at the entry and one at the exit way of the parking space. The parking currently has 400 places, but Straja Mayoralty also plans to develop and increase the number of the parking spaces. The parking system incorporates a panel which displays vacant places for a much faster and easy operation. The parking space access is ticket-based for tourists and proximity card-based for pass holders.

The second parking system, much more complex, is the one placed at the entry of the resort. It has two entries and two exit ways, with a special area for pass holders: guesthouse owners from Straja, local population. One entry and one exit of the parking space have general access, for the tourists who came to ski. The second entry and exit way are especially for pass holders and may be accessed by proximity card.

The two systems provided by Parkomatic, on the market for more than 10 years, which provides smart parking systems and solutions. Another resort has, as of 2017, a 400 places parking space, Parkomatic trademark. Poiana Brașov has a parking space at the entry of the resort, where a special transport to the base of the ski slope exists. The parking system helps the busy traffic from Poiana Brașov in order to avoid the hours spent in traffic from the entry into resort to the ski slope base.

Parkomatic also provided parking systems for Turda Salt mine, Napoca Hotel, City Park Mall Constanta and many more.

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